Friday, September 10, 2004

So Nice

I was never really popular in high school. I was always the really talkative girl who would get in trouble, but I only had a few close friends. As I read everyone's comments on my previous post about my anniversary, I felt kinda popular. I can not explain how much it touched me and made me feel special! All of you who make visits to my little blog and read about my not so exciting life are the best! I am so happy that I have had the chance of sharing your lives. Thank you so much! You rock!

Alright that enough corniness for the day. I have a rep to protect :) Anyway, today was a good day. Actually this whole week has been good. Julia has really taken to preschool and I have really taken to my time off. It is funny, but I think she is listening to me more (which was a huge problem) and today she said "Hey Mommmy, it's Friday!" Um...Okay. Who taught you the days of the week??? School did- so cool! It just made me so happy!

Well I hope you all have awesome weekend! We are going out for anniversary to go and have steak. Can't wait :)

Thanks for reading!