Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Just Messing Around

Okay so I still am working on the whole html thing and so far I can change the color, move things from left to right, and some what make a table. So as you can see I have used all of my skills to make this new one! It may be a little bright and please let me know if that is the case. I am trying to figure out how I can make plaid for the background (kinda for fall) and mix up the page a bit, but I am not having any luck. I will have to break down and ask the hubby. The only problem with that is that he talks all this computer lingo and it goes right past me. When I was in collage I took a computer course and I would ask for help. We always ended up fighting because he would make it more complicated than it was. In the end I got an A- all by myself! So I learned my lesson about asking him anything about the computer :)

It is hot here AGAIN! Can I complain enough about it? Sorry, but it seems to determine my life when it is 100 or above outside. These are the days that I wish I had a pool in the backyard that I could just dive into! Oh well, maybe one day :)

Well I hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading!


PS- I would love any suggestions that you have for my blog. Color, design, content, anything!!