Monday, September 24, 2007


It is like baby mania everywhere I go! Summer, Tuesday, Jazzy, and now my brother's girlfriend (yes I am going to be an auntie again!) are all knocked up. I just wish that one of you lived within a 10-20 minute drive so I can hold, cuddle, and kiss those new babies. No, I don't want one of my own- I just want one I can visit and spoil. Just one please :)

I have been actually getting my fat ass to walk the kid to school everyday. Its 1 mile each way and I put my Ipod on for the walk back while Sam eats a snack. I am really enjoying it. Makes me feel like a did something with my morning.

I got my hair done on Saturday and she curled it when she was done. It looked hot! When I walked out of the salon some lady said that my hair looked so cute and said was it really mine. Wasn't sure if that was a compliment or if my hair looked that fake. And yes all 80 tons of hair that I have is mine. Took me 3 years to grow and as much as I want to cut it off like Katie Holmes, I am proud of my will power :)

I am having cooking block lately. I don't want to cook, yet have to, and when I do I have no idea what to make. I need to be more savvy like my SIL and actually sit down to think about it. She works full time and still manages to make full blown meals everyday. I need to figure that out :)

So glad they recalled Polly Pocket. Now I can have an excuse to get rid of the 123,000 little pieces that litter my family room on a daily basis. Maybe I need to lay them all out and suck them up with the vacuum. Boy I am such a good mom!!

And one last thing- a picture of the girls in all of their sisterness :) Have an awesome Monday!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Hard Day

Today would have been my Dad's 59th birthday. I woke up this morning and that was the first thing I thought about. I still have his phone numbers programmed into my cell phone and I really wanted to call. So I called my brother instead. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could call him even if it just to hear his voice for a minute. I honestly didn't think that today would be so hard. Silly me for thinking that I was going to me unemotional today. I just keep thinking that he is watching me and my family and that comforts me a lot.

So Happy Birthday Dad! I love you and miss you very much!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How Come??

How come it's so freaking hot?? Seriously 112 is not cool (in two senses of the word) I am not happy about keeping my children locked up in the AC all the time. There is only so much "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life" I can take!

How come Julia get three good day cards at school for listening and when she gets home she is a totally different child? I mean I know the teacher is nice, but so am I (ok sometimes) Do I need to start giving out good day cards to get her to listen to me?

How come cottage cheese tastes so good? I could eat that stuff all day long. Especially with salt!!

How come this post sucks?? Sorry I know this blog has been terrible lately :)