Friday, October 17, 2008

You Know When...

You married to a total guy when you asked him to help you with dinner since I am carting the kids around town to various activities and he calls to ask how to make a baked potato. Little did he know there is a button on the microwave that says "Potato". I wonder what he thought that button was meant to do? Next time I will have to leave Post-its all over explaining things.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Maybe I will Just Get One of These

Seems like people have been asking me when I was going to have another baby lately. Sorry to burst the bubble, but I am done. No one seems to get that I don't want to have another child or that I don't want to have a boy. I have enough drama in my life as it is and having two girls I am screwed when it comes to money as this get older. I have friends who have little babies so I can just touch and smell them or get one of these :)

What do you think?


Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Round Up

Number of times Sam threw a a huge fit: 2
Number of people that saw one: 500 (was at the mall)
Number of kittens lost: 1
Number of 8 ft. stone walls that were scaled to get him: 1
Number of times Julia cries "He is gone forever": 57
Number of old beanie babies found in the garage: 15
How much they are worth on Ebay: $1.00
Number of redheads in the house: 1
Number of times my mom said "Oh My God" when she saw my hair: 4
Number of times Sammie drew all over herself with permanent marker: 1
Number of colors she used: 3 (red, pink, and yellow)
Number of times I have tried to get it off: 7
Number of "Punky Brewster" episodes watched: 8

Exciting huh? Man sometimes the weekends go by WAY too fast! How was your weekend?


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Chocolate and Salt

That is all I want :) Maybe I will just mix two together? French fries with chocolate sauce or chocolate ice cream with pretzels on it. That and crush up my Pamprin on top of it all. Sometimes it sucks being a girl, but my bitch card is useful for the next couple of days. It is nice when you are allowed to use it :)


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Boot Camp

My gym has introduced a "Boot Camp" style class that I have started taking. I don't think I was was fully aware of the actual meaning of "Boot Camp" till the instructor yelled out "Alright time for our 100 lundges" My friend Robin and I looked at each other in horror. On top of that it was 100 dead lifts (bending over with 10 lbs weights in each had), 50 thighs lifts on each legs, and 400 crunches. I walked out of that class thinking I was going to die. The worst was waking up the next morning and not being able to squat down to go potty. In all honesty I am a believer in "No pain, No gain" so I am going back for my ass beating today and I can't wait! If I can't get a tummy tuck like I want then I might as well try and make it go away on my own :)

Was thinking about starting a diet blog with a bunch of people. Anyone interested?


PS Only a mom would use the word potty...