Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Round Up

Number of times Sam threw a a huge fit: 2
Number of people that saw one: 500 (was at the mall)
Number of kittens lost: 1
Number of 8 ft. stone walls that were scaled to get him: 1
Number of times Julia cries "He is gone forever": 57
Number of old beanie babies found in the garage: 15
How much they are worth on Ebay: $1.00
Number of redheads in the house: 1
Number of times my mom said "Oh My God" when she saw my hair: 4
Number of times Sammie drew all over herself with permanent marker: 1
Number of colors she used: 3 (red, pink, and yellow)
Number of times I have tried to get it off: 7
Number of "Punky Brewster" episodes watched: 8

Exciting huh? Man sometimes the weekends go by WAY too fast! How was your weekend?