Tuesday, April 06, 2004

God is had been like forever since I have written anything on here! I think I am going on a computer strike because everytime I try and get on to the internet it takes forever! I also need to take time out to write in this so I can update everyone on my exciting life!

Well I turned 28 last week and it is just that much closer to 30. 28 seems old to me, but everyone else thinks I am a baby! Well I didn't feel young when I open this months "Marie Claire" magazine and saw an article about the top 10 women to watch this year. Every single one of the was younger than me! Even that new girl on "The View" is younger than me! Also I got a thing in the mail about my 10 year high school reunion. That is when I realized that I am getting older. Sorry if I am going on about this, but I preparing myself for when I really get to gripe about it in the future!

Julia was moved up a level in dance today! I am so excited! Means she is going to be in the show in August! I can not wait for that and I am sure I will sell about 20 tickets to my family!

Another great thing is my sister in law (Gabrielle) is going to have a baby! I knew already, but now I can finally talk about it! I am so excited- for one thing she gets to be a mom and two Julia will finally have a cousin! I look forward to seeing Gabs pregnant! She will be an awesome mom!!

Alright well that is about it for now! Thanks for reading!