Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Don't Tell the Hubby

How to spend $100.00 at Old Navy in less than 15 min. Buy this, this, this, 2 of these, and this. When I was growing up my Mom and I would go shopping and when she bought too much she would take the tags off and throw them in the clean laundry hamper. Knowing my Dad he would have never looked in the laundry hamper (or any where you had to clean stuff) so she would just fold the new clothes as if they were clean laundry. Good trick- right?? I don't do that I swear. I am more of a "Honey I bought some stuff today, is that okay?" as I am wearing a piece of lingerie. No I am soooo kidding! It would probably work though :) I just let him know ahead of time my intentions of spending. He is really good about saying yes :)

Got any good tricks that I can use though??

Thanks for reading!


Monday, May 30, 2005

For the Harry Potter Fans

Please tell me that I should continue reading "The Order of the Phoenix" Harry Potter book. I am only on page 357 and normally that is a at least a book and a half, but this one has 865 pages. Is it so good that I will miss out if I don't read the whole thing? Will I not be able to understand number 6 when it comes out? Just seeing if my valuable "me time" (you know those few precious hours when the children are napping) is worth reading a 800 page book.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Gotta Love National Holidays!

Just wanted to say "Happy Memorial Day" which in Stay at Home Mom lingo means "The husband is home for three days and I can go to the bathroom by myself. Yippee!!!!!" So however you are spending it- as for me I will be eating my brains out tomorrow at a friend's BBQ- I hope you have a good one!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Okay so this is my all time favorite

I have gotten 4 searches in the last week for "Shove it in my old mouth" Now I wonder what the hell was I talking about if that is anywhere in my blog! So gross! If anything I just came up with a name for a really good porn :)


To Whom it May Concern

To Who it May Concern:

Is it necessary that it requires 2 sticks of dynamite to open a DVD package now a days? I mean I can understand one security sticker on the side of the DVD box, but two more and then a bullet proof plastic wrapping around it. I have a child you see who really wanted to watch her new "Dora the Explorer" DVD and she did not want to wait the 30 min. it took to open the package. Also I am sure I have exposed her to many more "not so nice" words that I used while I was trying to get it open. Just a thought, but maybe you can actually make stickers that peal off the package so I don't have to use my oh so precious finger nails to do so. Your compliance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Heart Belongs to Target

Jon came home early today since we were house bound and he knew I was going a little crazy. Great husband right? Anyway, I decided that I would head for the gym instead of sitting on my butt all afternoon. So on my way there I must have been thinking about stuff other than my work out because I ended up in the Target parking lot. My gym and Target are across a main street from each other in two different shopping centers. It was like the spirit of Target guided me there and wanted me to spend more money than I already have (and that is A LOT). I did end up going to the gym since that is what my real priority was. So strange though. Reality check for me- I must go to Target way too much :)

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! Thanks for reading!


So Now I Think I am Mental

UPDATE: I am fine. The doctor thinks that my recent weight loss (almost 40 lbs.) has messed my cycle up. I was never pregnant and he said that everything looks great. As for my mentalness I feel so much better knowing what is going on. I deleted the last post so no one else has to read about what is going on with my woman parts :)

Thank you so much for your support. You guys rock!!!!!

And one more thing- my kid has hand, foot, and mouth virus. Doesn't that sound super gross? Well anyway, it is one of those 20 something childhood illnesses that they can get. Oh how I love preschool and all the things she brings home! From new colorful language to nasty sounding viruses! Well at least you can only get this once so I will not be dealing with it again :) But still yuck!!!


Monday, May 23, 2005

Is the Cart Half Empty or Half Full?

Well I ended up going to the grocery store this morning and spending $200. What in the hell did I buy? I would expect my cart to be out of control full, but it was not. Being on a diet is expensive and I am a sucker for anything "New and Improved". Plus having a child who is a semi-picky eater does not help. I should buy stock in chicken nuggets and hot dogs. When I was at the check out, the clerk said to me "Do you have any coupons?" and I said "No". ( I am not very good at the whole clipping coupon thing) She then said "Well with a bill that high you should start." Was that a weird thing to say? Is that any of her business? I mean I am spending money in your store which then pays your paycheck. If she was trying to be helpful and suggest that I could save more money then she could have said it a better way. Just kinda rubbed me the wrong way is all- would you have been?

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lucky Girl Part 2

I am home. Got my hair done today. It is very blonde. Now all I have to do is get tan and then I will look totally Californian. "Monster in Law" was cute. I am not a big JLO fan, but she was okay in this. It was Wanda Skies who plays Jane Fonda's assistant in the movie that was too funny. Might be one of those movies though you wait for on video :)

Did everyone have a good weekend? What did you do? Fill me in!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lucky Girl

This weekend my husband decided that I needed a break. Do you think that I gave him enough clues?? Anyway, I am staying with my wonderful Mom tonight and we are doing girly things today. We got our toes done, eyebrows waxed, and tonight we are going to eat popcorn and see "Monster In Law". Made me realize that no matter how I feel that I am lucky girl for having such great people in my life. Made the last 2 weeks not so bad :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why She Rocks!

We had Open House at Julia's preschool tonight. There was lots of fun stuff for them to there and there should be for the amount of money we pay. As we were leaving my 69 year old Mother in Law calls. I told her we were headed out and could I call her back. She said sure "But don't call me during The O.C."

Boy that sure made my day :)


PS My best friend for 15 years Summer has started her own blog. Go say Hi!

Having a Hard Time

Okay well I have decided to let my guard down and to be real honest in this post. I guess this would be the place to do it since I am sure there are tons of you going through or have gone through what I am now. These last couple of weeks have been really rough for me. My child and I battle it out everyday and I just can not take it anymore. Yesterday was the turning point for me because I realized that maybe I am a big part of the problem when I thought it was the other way around. I signed Julia up for this T-ball class thinking that she would like the action of it. Turns out it was one coach for ten 3 years olds so there was a lot of sitting and waiting. Hello? What 3 year old will sit for 15 min and wait their turn? So I have been making her go and she tells me everytime she doesn't want to. Well yesterday I had just had it and we left in the middle of class. I was mad, but then I thought this was me making her do something she didn't want to do. Why was I mad? Then of course I thought about it before I went to sleep and it made me cry. It just has been such a struggle lately for us to that I feel I forgot how to be a good mom. I miss that part of me. I also wonder why she wants her Daddy all the time. I wouldn't want to be around me either :) So I have decided that I need to let go some of my issues and try to understand that life doesn't always have to prefect. Bear with me while I get over myself.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Your Turn

Is there one job that you wish you had? Or one thing that you wish you could do?

Me- I would have liked to have pursued my tiny career in Public Relations. Then maybe being a publicist for someone famous. I think that would be a cool job :)
I also wish that I could go to Europe and eat my way around the sites. Yummy!


PS As you can tell I have nothing exciting to post about today :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You Know When

You know when your daughter has been hanging with her father all afternoon when she has gas and says "Everybody likes to smell their own brand Mom." Yes this is what my wonderful husband is teaching my daughter. God help me :)


PS I tried this recipe tonight. I am not normally a fish or a Rachel Ray lover but damn that was good :) And use cod instead of haddock if you are a west coaster.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Give it to me

If you are a reader and I don't have you Blogrolled then please oh please let me know and I will happy to add you. I love new blogs and I look forward to spying on what goes on in your world :)



Dinner Crisis

I feel like I make the same thing for dinner all the time. Luckily my husband will eat anything, but I think I am bored with cooking the same stuff. Got any yummy (easy) recipes that you would like to share?? Help a housewife out so she can dazzle her husband when he gets home :)


UPDATE- I found these chicken, basil, and parmesan sausages at our Whole Foods type market called Henry's. So I made sausage and peppers with them. Jon licked his plate clean :)

Friday, May 13, 2005


I am so happy it is Friday today! This has been a rough week here at my house. I think coming back from vacation, the new kitty, and my mommy frustrations have made me just tired. There is so much laundry to do in this house that I can hardly open the door in the laundry room (yes I am admitting that I suck at that chore) Luckily today we have been invited to spend the day at my friend's backyard pool. Maybe some sun will do me good.

Question: Does anyone watch the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" on MTV? I am having a hard time staying away from it because it is so lame and those people really do need to get a life. I was just hoping that there was someone who could relate and maybe we can stop watching it together. I need all the support I can get :)

Hope everyone has a good Friday. Thanks for reading!


PS- Miss. A is preggers! Go wish her luck :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What's A Mom to Do?

Please tell me that down the road that my child might open her ears and listen for a change? I know she is 3 and that is her job, but I am seriously thinking she needs a hearing aid. Today while we were at the store I told her at least 6 times to not touch the buttons on the ATM machine while I was using it. She cleared my transaction everytime. It was like I wasn't even there. I had to push my cart like 5 Ft in front of me so that she couldn't lean over and touch the buttons. It just has been one of those day already and it is barley noon. Also what else can I do to help her understand that she needs to listen. I have put her in time out, taken something away, even made her sit in her room for like 15 min- nothing has worked. I am at a lost. I just need some advil and a cheeseburger :)

Thanks for LISTENING :)


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Our Newest Addition

Well Folks we got a new kitty today. Why? No clue- I must be nuts! Anyway, Julia had named her Fiona. She is adjusting okay and our other cat is more afraid of it then she is of him. I forgot how tiny and cute they are when they are little!

I hope everyone had a great day. Thanks for reading!


Monday, May 09, 2005


Well our trip was a blast. Everytime I go to Arizona I think "Hey I go totally live here." There are so many things to do, places to eat, shop- my kind of place. Then I remember that when we go in the summer and it is 115 degrees outside and you feel like your insides are melting. Still it is a cool place to visit and my brother's house is really nice. Julia was also a pretty good girl so it made everything so much easier :)

The Diet Police however have issued a warrant for my arrest. I am a suspect in a eating spree across the city of Scottsdale, AZ. I just could not put the burrito down. It had to be eaten. I am sure I will be incarcerated today and tortured with "Jenny Craig" commercials. I just hope my lawyer is a good one and gets me off on an "I will exercise everyday this week" plea. I just don't want to be sentenced to wearing tight jeans :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

I just got back and of course had to check the blog out :) I wanted to wish all of my blogging Mommy friends out there a Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Four Generations

I am leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale, AZ to visit my big brother Matt. He has a super cool pad there with a pool! My mom, my grandma, me, and Julia are all driving the 5 hours to get there. First time the four generations have taken a trip together. I will be putting this trip deep in the memory banks so that I can always remember :) I hope you all have a fun rest of the week. I will miss you and my blog terribly.

Thanks for reading!



Do you think Starbucks will put in IV in me streaming hot lattes into my veins all day? Just wondering :)


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Swear she is my Kid

This picture was taken yesterday. Who's kid is that? I think she looks nothing like me! I swear I gave birth to her :)

Monday, May 02, 2005

I Have a Problem

We got our cell phone bill this weekend. Now I have adjusted our minutes and all the stuff several times to accommodate what we use, but I went over my minutes last month. They charged us $.25 a minute!!! So the total for my phone was $93.00 in over minutes. I was so mad! I read my bill to see what the heck I was doing and there were only 4 numbers on there that I called repeatedly. I realized that I talking to the same people I talk to at home all the time.
My Husband-we talk so many times a day that I sometimes I tell him to stop calling :)
My friend Leila- we talk about 4 times a day so why do I need to call her while I am out and about?
My friend Robin- I see her almost every day so why do I need to call her everytime I am in the car?
My best friend Summer- Granted she lives 4 hours away, but does she need to know I am in Target buying toilet paper??

So I am admitting my problem of being a phone whore. I need help! I will be in so much trouble if I go over my minutes next month!

Do you talk on the phone a lot?

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Shout Out

Here are a couple of my blog friends who had big changes in their lives this week. Go visit them and give them love :)

JuJuBee had baby Madeline Grace on April 26th. You go girl!


Kelly got married this weekend! In front of Mickey Mouse to boot :)

Congratulations you guys!