Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week of Firsts

So this week has been somewhat eventful which makes me happy because I actually have something to blog about! Well I am cheating in a way because it is a picture post, but I have not put up any pics in a long time so I figured that canceled out my lack of blogging. Anyway here you go!

Samantha and her first swimming suit and lesson. I have a thing for animal print on little girls so hence the 6.99 bathing suit :)

Here is Julia today going on her first ever field trip to meet her high school pen-pal. She picked out her outfit since I am not allowed and wanted to take a shower in the morning so her hair would be straight. I don't know where she gets all this from. Couldn't be me...

And my first bout ever with strep throat is officially over thanks to strong antibiotics! No pic of me- figured I can not compete with the cuteness above.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Weather here is terrible! Last year we were at a BBQ and swimming. This year we are inside, with the heat on, and sick :( I just got back from urgent care because I woke up this morning and seriously could not swallow. I have never had that much pain in my throat before. Well its strep so I have been banned to the upstairs portion of my house while the paranoid hubby cleans and disinfects. So I thought I would jump on the computer and blog about it :) Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and having something good to eat today!!


Friday, May 23, 2008


Rain sucks when you have 2 kids.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


YES I am one of the 3 people in American that didn't watch American Idol at all this season. In fact I think that I haven't watched it since the first time. It is my belief that is should be like Miss. America and only come once a year that way we don't get sick and tired of it. That is my feeling about all other reality shows too, expect for "The Hills"- can't get enough of those girls!

It hailed and is thundering at my house as we speak. Cool huh? Maybe. Except it is a Stay at Home Mom's worst nightmare. There is only so much coloring, playdo, and "Hannah Montana" I can take!

So my cousin called off her wedding. And the best part it was at her actual bridal shower. I will not go into details (if you want that them you can email me) but we will just say that I am so happy that she realized what kind of a situation she was getting herself in. So hey if anyone needs a HUGE bridesmaid dress let me know.

My child can read! I am so impressed. It actually kinda freaks me out because it means she is not going to be my baby anymore. More grey hairs to come for me. Oh well I like getting my hair done anyway.

ADDICTED to Scrabble on Facebook. If you have one let me know and we can play. I suck at it, but I figured its good for my brain.

Ok that should be enough for now. I am getting better at updating I think. Now if only I had something cool and nifty to write about :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RIP SpongeBob and Mater

Well I found out last night that all my efforts with the frogs didn't work. They were both dead by 9 pm that night. It was either the trama of being out of water or I did something wrong. Luckily there wasn't too much drama surrounding their death because they were replaced by goldfish the next day. So I will forever be known as the frog killer amongest my friends eventhough its Sam's fault :)


Friday, May 16, 2008

Green with Envy

Yes it seems there is a ton of crazy thoughts going through my head this week. Well today I am living one. As we speak I have 3 children, one who is crying in her bed because she will not take a nap, another who is in her room jumping from her bed to the floor and shaking my entire house, and the other is my friend Robin's little boy who I will be watching for the night. Her oldest son comes after school in about 2 hours. As I watched Robin leave all totally dressed up for her 4 day trip to Vegas with her hubby I was sooooo jealous. Yet I know am being a good friend and that always comes back to you 10 times over, but damn how much would I love to be her right now. Oh well, maybe someday I will be the one dropping my kids off, looking all hot, and saying "Call me if you need me" One can hope right?


UPDATE: So this afternoon turned out to be called "The Frog Incident" We go to my friend's house to wait for her babysitter to show for the rest of the night. I have to go outside really quick to turn off their hot tub that the kids were using. I come back in the house and Samantha is screaming. I run to see where she is and I looked down and she had totally knocked down their aquarium on to the carpet. There was water, rocks, and little frogs everywhere!! I freak out, she freaks out, Julia, freaks out, Jake freaks out, but Luke the older one tells us to stay calm. We ended up catching one frog right away and most of the others were under the couch. We waited and they all came out and we caught them. Then I had to clean up glass, rocks, and water all over their carpet. Then we all made the trip to PetCo to replace all the stuff. I just didn't want to responsible for the frogs death. Mind you all this happens within a 40 min time period. Luckily when we get home frogs are still living and I re-did their tank and they seemed happy. If that is not an excuse for a beer then I don't know what is!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crazy Thinking

I actually Googled 5K races in my area. I have never thought about doing anything like that. Yes I know its only 3.5 miles, but for me to actually think I can do that is a big deal for me. I did it yesterday on the treadmill so maybe I will get enough courage to actually do it. Who knows, maybe a marathon is next. (Come on Summer lets do it!!)


Sunday, May 11, 2008


When I was little I used to play with my Barbies a lot. One would always kind of end up being the "loose" one of the group, one was always the "best friend" or "teacher", but the prettiest one I would always make the Mommy. I remember that I would stuff a piece of Barbie clothing or a cotton ball into her dress she it looked like she had a tummy. So when I look back I think I always wanted to be a Mommy. My my Mom worked and did not stay home and I remember thinking that I want to be the mom that drove on field trips and made cupcakes for the bake sale. No offense to my Mom because not only is she my role model, but she is the best Mom is the whole world! I just knew that I wanted to be the Mom that was there all the time. Don't get me wrong, I have moments where I wonder what in the hell was I thinking, but for the most part I love it. As the girls get older it gets so much easier and so much more rewarding. Today I got a bag full of pictures that Julia made for me. There was about 10 in all. Each one was a moment she remembered about us. Of course there was a picture of us shopping, which honestly is a really good memory I have with my Mom. It just made me feel so special that a 6 year old remembers 10 really good things about me. I have some friends and of course my Sister in Law to be that are celebrating their first Mother's Day. I don't really remember my first, but I am sure I felt pretty blessed. And then I have my other more experienced Mom friends who are used to getting the attention for the day, but that feeling of being blessed never goes away. So I am going to make sure I always feel that way when it comes to my girls. Even when the going gets tough :)

So Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome Moms out there! You deserve every once of respect and love that I can give!!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Where the Hell Have I Been??

I am here- not dead. Busy in the The Mommy Files household. First it was my birthday which was pretty uneventful. Got a facial, pedicure, waxed- the usual pampering. Next it was Julia's 6th birthday (holy cow!!) and we spent that at the "American Girl" store in Hollywood, CA with my niece, SIL and BIL. If there was ever a place where a girl could be a girl that was it. I was in the bathroom while we were there and there was this little girl bawling her eyes out and I thought to myself "Of course in a place full of girls there would be one crying in the bathroom". But all in all it was amazing. The store was awesome, the cafe was great, and Julia is in love with her doll that looks just like her. I will not even go to how much this birthday cost, but it was worth it! Even saw Jared Leto (aka Jordan Catalano from "My So Called Life) and Patrica Heaton ("Everybody Loves Raymond") which is a good thing for my celebrity obsessed brain.

In other news, I applied in January for Julia to go to the new magnet school in our area after hearing about it through the school district. Now I may have never mentioned this, but Julia is a budding artist. There is not a day goes by that she is not making something. Yesterday she took the stuffing out of one of her stuffed animals and used it as hair for a picture for her Nana. Of course I couldn't get mad because it was very creative :) So anyway, I got the call that she was accepted. We are very excited! And the best part is it is free because it is a public school :) I was told that they play classical music during recess and lunch time so we will see what how this new adventure goes. My parents never encouraged any talents that I may have had as a child so it makes me happy that I can do that for mine.

As for the 2 year old in my life who said to me today "I want a diet coke" she is just as cute as can be, yet as mean as they get :) Well not mean, but she is 2 and full of drama. I mean the girl can cry and scream over nothing (which she likes to do every 15 min or so) and we have all become very immune to it. Thats the only way we can deal :) But of course she has her awesome moments like when she sits at the dinner table with her head on my shoulder. So I will take it all just because she is my Sammie.

I have been doing my workout out 4-5 times and week and I have been become quite a regular at the gym. The instructors even know my name. I feel awesome about myself and that is what matters to me the most. I am not a good dieter, but I am still buying smaller clothes. And my bridesmaid dress has to be taken in 4 inches which made me very happy! So whatever I am doing its working :)

So there you are- updated and informed. I totally suck lately at this blog thing lately. I will try hard to post some pictures soon too :) Thanks for still reading :)