Friday, May 16, 2008

Green with Envy

Yes it seems there is a ton of crazy thoughts going through my head this week. Well today I am living one. As we speak I have 3 children, one who is crying in her bed because she will not take a nap, another who is in her room jumping from her bed to the floor and shaking my entire house, and the other is my friend Robin's little boy who I will be watching for the night. Her oldest son comes after school in about 2 hours. As I watched Robin leave all totally dressed up for her 4 day trip to Vegas with her hubby I was sooooo jealous. Yet I know am being a good friend and that always comes back to you 10 times over, but damn how much would I love to be her right now. Oh well, maybe someday I will be the one dropping my kids off, looking all hot, and saying "Call me if you need me" One can hope right?


UPDATE: So this afternoon turned out to be called "The Frog Incident" We go to my friend's house to wait for her babysitter to show for the rest of the night. I have to go outside really quick to turn off their hot tub that the kids were using. I come back in the house and Samantha is screaming. I run to see where she is and I looked down and she had totally knocked down their aquarium on to the carpet. There was water, rocks, and little frogs everywhere!! I freak out, she freaks out, Julia, freaks out, Jake freaks out, but Luke the older one tells us to stay calm. We ended up catching one frog right away and most of the others were under the couch. We waited and they all came out and we caught them. Then I had to clean up glass, rocks, and water all over their carpet. Then we all made the trip to PetCo to replace all the stuff. I just didn't want to responsible for the frogs death. Mind you all this happens within a 40 min time period. Luckily when we get home frogs are still living and I re-did their tank and they seemed happy. If that is not an excuse for a beer then I don't know what is!!