Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week of Firsts

So this week has been somewhat eventful which makes me happy because I actually have something to blog about! Well I am cheating in a way because it is a picture post, but I have not put up any pics in a long time so I figured that canceled out my lack of blogging. Anyway here you go!

Samantha and her first swimming suit and lesson. I have a thing for animal print on little girls so hence the 6.99 bathing suit :)

Here is Julia today going on her first ever field trip to meet her high school pen-pal. She picked out her outfit since I am not allowed and wanted to take a shower in the morning so her hair would be straight. I don't know where she gets all this from. Couldn't be me...

And my first bout ever with strep throat is officially over thanks to strong antibiotics! No pic of me- figured I can not compete with the cuteness above.