Monday, July 31, 2006


I really have nothing to talk about. Had a date night this weekend, the In-Laws came for a visit, the microwave broke, it was actually 85 degrees this weekend, and I cleaned all the bathrooms :) So I will leave you on this Monday with a picture of the mini-princess in the house, who is not even 5 months yet and is determined to crawl. Yes I am in deep shit when that happens :)


Friday, July 28, 2006

Admitting My Addiction

Last night my friend Robin and I went to the mall for our bi-weekly manicure and pedicure. Okay as I type that it seems a little spoiled brat, but she has fake nails and I just like mine pretty. The hubby also like them when they are pretty too so he does not mind. Anyway, as we were leaving, we passed a cart in the mall with a sign that said- Buy 2 get 1 Free. I stopped dead in my tracks. The cart was filled with my favorite thing of all- fake designer sun glasses! I have tried on real Gucci glasses before that I LOVE, but they are like $300 and knowing me I will lose them or scratch them. So the next best thing is to buy the knock-offs for $10 and not care if they get lost. So last night I came home with 2 pairs of Chanel glasses and 1 pair of I think Prada ones all for $20! I now have 6 pairs of sunglasses. I plan on rotating them at the pool this afternoon so I can get the most out of them :)

Do you have an addiction??


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Decision

Well after talking with the hubby last night, I decided that I am not going to attend the memorial service. It really would be too much for me I think. I am also a very emotional person so add that into the mix and it would not be good. I also think I have a sinus infection. I have not been able to smell or taste for almost a week and the right side of my face is killing me. Off to the doctor I must go. I hope I am better before Saturday because we actually got a baby-sitter who is not family and we are going out. I can not wait!!

Thanks for all of your advice yesterday. It really helped :)


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A good friend of mine's Father in Law died on Saturday. I am also pretty good friends with her husband, yet only met his father once or twice. Here is my question, there is a memorial on Thursday and I am not sure if I should attend. I will have my children with me and I am thinking that a funeral is not the place for that. Do I go anyway? I am planning on sending a flower arrangement and making something for the pot luck afterwards, but I really don't want to stress out whether my children will be good during the service. Is that wrong? Am I going to feel guilty for not going??

What would you do??


Monday, July 24, 2006

Thought of the Day

'Survivor' Richard Hatch Sent to Prison

If you read the last line of the article you will see that he was known as "the fat naked guy" on the show for his refusal to wear clothes. Is it just me or would you not want to carry this reputation around if you are going to prison??


Friday, July 21, 2006

Snot Faucet

Why is it when you get even the smallest cold it still kicks your ass? And seriously how much snot can one human produce?? The best part is I ran out of Kleenex so I have been using toilet paper and paper towels to blow my nose. My nose is raw!! I also just admitted that I am too lazy to drive the 2 miles to the store to buy Kleenex. I do have that sexy "Demi Moore like" smoky voice. Too bad my husband runs from me every time I am near him. You mean snot and boogers aren't attractive??


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From Lisanne

I got this link form Lisanne and I this what I came up with. Let me know if you can't hear it or see it :)

Create your own video at One True Media

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I live out in the desert you see (well the valley really, but it is as hot a freaking desert) and there really is no good pizza places out here. This family of mine LOVES pizza and we are not Pizza Hut people. So I have resorted to making my own. Trader Joe's has an already made pizza dough ($.99 to boot) and I buy it like 3 at a time and freeze it. It is like the easiest thing ever. Anyway, I was watching "Boy Meets Grill" with Bobby Flay, who I don't particular enjoy, but he was making pizza on the grill. He had one of these:

It is a grill top pizza stone! I was so excited! So I went to Williams-Sonoma's website and they are on back order till July 23rd. Being the patient person I am (NOT), I called the best Mother-in-law in the world so that she can purchase it for me. Once again, I live in a place where there is no Nordstrom, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, or William Sonoma- such a travesty!! Well she called me yesterday to let me know she got the pizza stone and will be bringing it this weekend! So my plan is to make pizza for everyone and take pictures so that I can show you guys. Such a housewife I am that things like this get me all hot and bothered :)


Monday, July 17, 2006

Facing Monday With Smiles

Julia is sick, I switched formula for the baby (we had vomiting issues), I have a pimple, it is 103 with thunder and lighting, and I have to go to the grocery store. You would think that I would be pulling my hair out knowing it is Monday and my extra pair of hands has gone off to work. But guess what- I am okay. Last night, Jon and I had one of those "talks". The one where you lie in bed and you talk about everything for a long time. There is no confrontation, no yelling, no being defensive. It is just full of understanding and you feel like each other has listened. Reminds you how much you love the person lying next you. So I am a happy girl today. I also joined a new gym yesterday that has TV's on each of the cardio machines. I can watch reruns of "Beverly Hills 90210" while I work out. Can't get much better than that :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

4 Months

Oh little Samantha, you turned 4 months yesterday and I was a terrible mommy. I decided to whine in complain in a post than write about sweet little you. I can not believe that you are already 4 months old. Where did my baby go? You have learned so many things and I look at you everyday and see you change just a little bit. Your laugh makes the whole house laugh and we've noticed that sometimes the simplest things bring out your belly laughter.

You roll now all over the place and you even get up on your arms like you want to crawl. I can not leave you anywhere in fear of you ending up somewhere else in seconds. Yesterday I found you underneath the Pack-n-Play. We think you are going to have strawberry-blonde hair and for sure it will be curly. Everytime someone sees you they comment on your curly hair. Can't wait to comb that when you are older (Not!) We love you very much and are so happy to have you. Thank you for filling our hearts with more love :)



Friday, July 14, 2006

Sometimes it Takes Just One Mommy

I was reading Amy's (who I personally thinks rocks by the way) post yesterday on the trials and tribulations of being a SAHM. I thought about her post all night long. She really put into words what I am feeling at this moment in time. This is the hardest job that I have ever done in my life and I sometimes consider the alternative. What if I go back to work? My friend actually offered me a job last month- it was a job that I would have loved to do. The pay was fantastic and it would have made Jon and I VERY comfortable. I actually looked into daycare costs and such. The thing is, I would have missed the baby time with Samantha that I cherished so much with Julia. Also, I would have been taking Julia from her comfort zone and throwing her into something that she may not be able to handle. Which I know may not be a bad thing, but I already have my hands full and I can not imagine working a full day and coming home to her :) I have chosen this life and I really do enjoy it. And yes I am a bitch more often than I will admit, but I am grateful to my husband for working hard so that I can stay home. It was just nice to know someone else felt the same way. Sometimes us SAHM need to know that we are not alone- thanks Amy :)


PS- Heavy today aren't I?? :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You Know When

You know when you are a parent (or need a night out) when you no longer call each other by name, but use "Mommy" and "Daddy". This morning Jon called and left a voicemail saying "Hey Mommy, How are you this morning?" Honestly, I don't need another person calling me that, but he was trying to be sweet. An "A" for effort- right??


PS- Who is the visitor from Keller, TX?? I know someone who lives there. Is it a small city? Maybe you know her??

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am Sorry, but I can not be Wordless on this Wednesday

Like my new look?? Thanks again to Ro at Ciao My Bella! for making me look pretty! She rocks by the way- go check her out!

Anyway, have I got a story for you! Yesterday I went to pick up little Miss. Julia from preschool. When I got there, they were still eating lunch, so I hung in the classroom and watched them. Her teacher was not in the room at the time (there was an aid) and I was about to get Julia's stuff together and leave. Her teacher then came in the room and came up to me and said "We had a little incident with Julia today." Now, this was not a shock or anything, but really it was only the third time in 2 1/2 years that she has been going to school that I have been told that. I was prepared for hearing that she said something bad, or worse, hitting or kicking someone. I was, however, not prepared for what she actually did. Here is the story that the teacher told me:

Julia was playing in the house area when suddenly the fire alarm went off. In the panic to get the kids ready to go outside, Julia had major meltdown. The teacher calmed her down and they went and did the fire drill, along with the whole school. When the class came back, Julia's teacher got a phone call saying that the fire alarm was pulled in her room. She sat them down and asked each one of them if they did it. Well guess what- IT WAS MY KID!!!! She pulled the fire alarm!!! Luckily, the fire department didn't come, and the rest of school thought it was their monthly fire drill. The teacher realized why Julia freaked out when the alarm sounded and it was because she knew she had done something wrong. She then explained to her that was not good and that is only for emergencies.

Now I didn't know what else to say besides "Sorry" and Jon and I did have a talk with her last night about it. She told us she did not know what it was and that she "touched it" not pulled it. Also, the thing is located at their level right next to the little play kitchen, so I can see how that might be tempting. Anyways, is this what my future brings?? Am I going to have a juvenile delinquent?? I will love her anyway if that helps :)


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh Baby

Is it wrong to think that Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen is HOT?? Am I admitting I like guys who can cook and treat me like crap??


PS My husband is neither by the way. I don't think he can even scramble an egg and he so does not treat me anywhere near crap :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Seriously Now

This morning I heard the local weather man say "It will be 102 in the valleys today. Hey at least that is better than 106 like yesterday." I sat and pondered that thought for a little bit. Is there really a difference? Will people be like "Wow it is ONLY 102 today. Feels not so hot as yesterday. Maybe I won't sit in my air conditioned house where it is 78 degrees and go run a couple of miles." I am sorry but when the weather is anything over 95 my thought is- IT IS TOO FREAKING HOT!! And four degrees really makes no difference- you can still fry an egg on the blacktop :)


Okay so I have lived out here for 4 years and I still not used to the heat. I have kids you see and I will pay the $250 it takes to make my house nice and cool. And yes. I will admit sometimes it is like 75 degrees in my house. Hey I am from the coast- I need to be cold!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crisis Adverted

Tonight we decided to venture out and take the kiddlings to dinner. We have never done dinner before with the both of them, so we thought we would give it a shot. We went to our favorite local restaurant knowing Julia would actually consume food (that is a task all in it's self) and it is also kid-friendly. During the meal, Samantha gazed up at me with her big beautiful blue eyes and looked very content. About 5 minutes later, a look of panic came across her face. I thought "Oh boy, here is when I good idea goes bad." I picked her up from her car seat and noticed a smell that was not our food. I looked at Jon, grabbed the car keys, and went to go change her diaper. When I finally laid her down to undo her onesie, there was poop all up her back and down the side of one leg. I grabbed the diaper bag and pulled out a diaper (check), wipes (check), and extra outfit (check). I proceed to clean her all up, get her dressed, clean my hands, throw away the diaper, and be back in time to finish my dinner. I sat at the table and beamed! Jon asked me why I was happy after having to do that and I said "because I actually did not freak out." I was prepared and ready for action! It felt good! I think I have the hang of this two kid thing- finally :)


Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Blog Full of Bad News

Do I ever have anything good to write on here? I mean come on now! The plague has hit our house. Both Jon and I were up last night puking and we both have 101 fevers right now. I don't think in the 10 years we have been together we have ever been sick at the same time. Luckily both girls are fine (for now) It sucks though that when the person who gives you sympathy when you are sick is sick too!

Good news though- the ants are gone!! Thank you to the people that make "Raid" :)


Monday, July 03, 2006


My sweet adorable husband decided since it was 100,000 degrees out here, he would flood out our tiny little back yard so that he will not have to water for a couple of days. Well being the smart man that he is (uh huh) his plan may have worked, but when I woke up last night to use the bathroom and discovered 4 million ants in our bathroom, I questioned his decision. Okay so it was more like "What the %^$* did you do that for?!" Anyway, we have ants- first time we have ever had them since living here. Now I am obsessed! I am also ruthless- sorry nature lovers out there, but I have children. So welcome summer to my home, unless you are an ant :)

I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July tomorrow. We are off to the beach with the Greatest In-Laws in the World. I wish all of your families love and fun!!