Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I live out in the desert you see (well the valley really, but it is as hot a freaking desert) and there really is no good pizza places out here. This family of mine LOVES pizza and we are not Pizza Hut people. So I have resorted to making my own. Trader Joe's has an already made pizza dough ($.99 to boot) and I buy it like 3 at a time and freeze it. It is like the easiest thing ever. Anyway, I was watching "Boy Meets Grill" with Bobby Flay, who I don't particular enjoy, but he was making pizza on the grill. He had one of these:

It is a grill top pizza stone! I was so excited! So I went to Williams-Sonoma's website and they are on back order till July 23rd. Being the patient person I am (NOT), I called the best Mother-in-law in the world so that she can purchase it for me. Once again, I live in a place where there is no Nordstrom, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, or William Sonoma- such a travesty!! Well she called me yesterday to let me know she got the pizza stone and will be bringing it this weekend! So my plan is to make pizza for everyone and take pictures so that I can show you guys. Such a housewife I am that things like this get me all hot and bothered :)