Monday, July 17, 2006

Facing Monday With Smiles

Julia is sick, I switched formula for the baby (we had vomiting issues), I have a pimple, it is 103 with thunder and lighting, and I have to go to the grocery store. You would think that I would be pulling my hair out knowing it is Monday and my extra pair of hands has gone off to work. But guess what- I am okay. Last night, Jon and I had one of those "talks". The one where you lie in bed and you talk about everything for a long time. There is no confrontation, no yelling, no being defensive. It is just full of understanding and you feel like each other has listened. Reminds you how much you love the person lying next you. So I am a happy girl today. I also joined a new gym yesterday that has TV's on each of the cardio machines. I can watch reruns of "Beverly Hills 90210" while I work out. Can't get much better than that :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!