Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am Sorry, but I can not be Wordless on this Wednesday

Like my new look?? Thanks again to Ro at Ciao My Bella! for making me look pretty! She rocks by the way- go check her out!

Anyway, have I got a story for you! Yesterday I went to pick up little Miss. Julia from preschool. When I got there, they were still eating lunch, so I hung in the classroom and watched them. Her teacher was not in the room at the time (there was an aid) and I was about to get Julia's stuff together and leave. Her teacher then came in the room and came up to me and said "We had a little incident with Julia today." Now, this was not a shock or anything, but really it was only the third time in 2 1/2 years that she has been going to school that I have been told that. I was prepared for hearing that she said something bad, or worse, hitting or kicking someone. I was, however, not prepared for what she actually did. Here is the story that the teacher told me:

Julia was playing in the house area when suddenly the fire alarm went off. In the panic to get the kids ready to go outside, Julia had major meltdown. The teacher calmed her down and they went and did the fire drill, along with the whole school. When the class came back, Julia's teacher got a phone call saying that the fire alarm was pulled in her room. She sat them down and asked each one of them if they did it. Well guess what- IT WAS MY KID!!!! She pulled the fire alarm!!! Luckily, the fire department didn't come, and the rest of school thought it was their monthly fire drill. The teacher realized why Julia freaked out when the alarm sounded and it was because she knew she had done something wrong. She then explained to her that was not good and that is only for emergencies.

Now I didn't know what else to say besides "Sorry" and Jon and I did have a talk with her last night about it. She told us she did not know what it was and that she "touched it" not pulled it. Also, the thing is located at their level right next to the little play kitchen, so I can see how that might be tempting. Anyways, is this what my future brings?? Am I going to have a juvenile delinquent?? I will love her anyway if that helps :)