Friday, July 14, 2006

Sometimes it Takes Just One Mommy

I was reading Amy's (who I personally thinks rocks by the way) post yesterday on the trials and tribulations of being a SAHM. I thought about her post all night long. She really put into words what I am feeling at this moment in time. This is the hardest job that I have ever done in my life and I sometimes consider the alternative. What if I go back to work? My friend actually offered me a job last month- it was a job that I would have loved to do. The pay was fantastic and it would have made Jon and I VERY comfortable. I actually looked into daycare costs and such. The thing is, I would have missed the baby time with Samantha that I cherished so much with Julia. Also, I would have been taking Julia from her comfort zone and throwing her into something that she may not be able to handle. Which I know may not be a bad thing, but I already have my hands full and I can not imagine working a full day and coming home to her :) I have chosen this life and I really do enjoy it. And yes I am a bitch more often than I will admit, but I am grateful to my husband for working hard so that I can stay home. It was just nice to know someone else felt the same way. Sometimes us SAHM need to know that we are not alone- thanks Amy :)


PS- Heavy today aren't I?? :)