Thursday, January 25, 2007

If Its Not One Thing Its Another

So Samantha is getting over a dual ear infection which lead her to have antibiotic shots. Looks like her and Julia show the same affection for getting sick- Yeah for Amanda!!! Well then on Tuesday the doctor diagnosed Julia with Scarletina, which is a form of Scarlet Fever. Now isn't that what people got in the 1800's and they died? Didn't Mary get that on "Little House on the Prairie" and that is what made her blind? (if you ever watched that show you know what I am talking about) Well she is fine now- another kid on antibiotics. So I have been in the house for 4 days straight and I am heading to the bell tower with a gun. Not really of course, but close :) It would be so cool if I had a hills in the back of my house like in "Sound of Music" where I could run and sing (aka scream). I think that would make me feel better :)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attack of the Momma's Girl

Julia was never one for her Mom. She hugs and kisses me all the time, but has always been to busy to be bothered with hanging around me. She is more into her Daddy who is the fun one and takes her to the park everyday to play. The only time she really lets me hold her is when she is sick. Now, I have the complete opposite with Samantha. If I am not within in a 5 foot range she freaks out. I used to be able to drop them both off at the gym babysitting place and they would be fine. Now Samantha cries the minute we walk into gym and grips my shirt. Right now she is standing up, latched to the side of my leg as I am typing. Soon she will start to give an ear piercing scream until I pick her up. Maybe I should ask my SIL to knit me a sling or back pack thing that I can just carry her around in. 22 lbs. is not fun to walk up and down stairs with. Helps that she is cute though :)


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Like a Moth to a Flame

I knew the minute I walked in, I was in trouble. I had not been to it in more than a month. I was trying to be good and knowing that this place was the root of my bad habit (that and Old Navy) I should of stayed away. The red and white bulls eyes are intoxicating. They scream- come over here and buy me! I would be so okay if this place didn't sell clothes, shoes, or purses. Yet I always manage to buy something for me or the girls that we don't need. I even walked the big loop in the store, knowing that was what always gets me in trouble. I am like a crack addict- I need my fix!! You all know the place- Target. What is it about it? What makes me want to go there?? Is it the smell of just popped popcorn mixed with signs that say take "Take an additional 30% off"? And to think I was being soooo good!!! The hubby even commented on how I had not been to there and how good I was doing. Well my Target sobriety was over as of yesterday. I have fallen off the wagon and will have to attend my local TA (Target Anonymous) meetings once again. Just wait till Easter and then summertime! What will I do then??


Monday, January 15, 2007

Another One from The Bad Mom File

Ok we are not going to mention that Samantha turned 10 months yesterday and I have yet to load any photos of her on the computer and have not wrote the post about it. Ok well I just mentioned it, but it was to remind me that I am a bad mom yet again :) Anyway, I will tell you a little story about what happened last night and that might erase what I mentioned above.

In our house Santa is a big deal. I can use him pretty much all year around. I have him on speed dial on my cell phone and he knows everything. If I even mention his name, Julia will stop what she is doing and listen to me. So last night Jon and I are cooking dinner kinda late and it was almost Julia's bed time. We have an island int he middle of our kitchen with bar stools. Our family room and kitchen are one big room so you can see the TV from everywhere. So Julia is sitting at the island and watching us cook. On a rare occasion the TV is not on PBS kids and a commercial for the movie called "The Messengers" came on, which is about kids that can see dead people came on. Now once before Julia has seen this commercial since they run it 25,000 in one night, and it scared the crap out of her. Well she is looking at me and Jon and I both say at the same time "Julia look at me, don't turn around." Well she is 4 so of course she is not going to listen, she she starts to turn around. I go over put my hands over her eyes till the commercial is over. Once it is the questions start about why she could not look. So this is what we came up with.

We told her that at night when kids are sleeping, Santa puts a message on the TV that only parents can see that says whether or not our kids were good that day. And if a child is to see it then they have to be good 6 days in a row or Santa will not come back next year. So we had to cover her eyes in order for her not to see it.

Ok we both are to blame because we both went with it. I have to tell you though she went upstairs and didn't give us a hassle about bed. But this morning there were still tons of questions about it and I have kinda not said anything more. So my question is- do you make up stories at all?? Do you think that was bad of me??? I would really like to know. Make me feel like I am not the only one please!!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waxes and Secret Boy Toys

Yes interesting subject in the last two posts- I know. Justin Timberlakes's concert was super cool. My legs hurt so bad from dancing for 3 hours. I wasn't about to compete for his attention since he was surrounded by much better looking girls. Just seeing him in person (which he is so cute by the way) was enough for me :) As for the waxing- I am tired of shaving. And honestly it is something that I have wanted to try and so has the hubby (wink,wink) Its his birthday coming up so as sick as that might sound its for him :) Thank you all for your suggestions and when my appointment happens I will, but not with so many details, tell you how it was. You never know I may be totally mortified! We'll see :) Sorry to my sister in law for the TMI.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am Just Throwing This One Out There

Alright ladies- anyone ever get a Brazilian wax? I will assume if you know what that is then you know what I am talking about. If you have I would like to know if it 1) hurt and 2) was it worth it?

Interesting topic I know :)


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Me and My Secret Boyfriend

Tomorrow is the big night that me and my secret boyfriend will finally meet :) Of course it will be from like 50 rows up in a arena, but still I will be a happy girl. So I hope to be able to snake my camera in and take some pictures which you know I will be posting. Maybe you will see me on "Entertainment Tonight" as Justin's secret new gal pal. I just hope he likes kids :)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Big Ball O' Fun

I have a cold, I can't hear out of my right ear, my nose is full of snot, and I sound like I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes in 5 mintues. On top of that I am on my period. Don't I sound like I am having a good time over here?? Just thought I would share. Maybe one of you is sharing in my sick misery?? Let's chat :)


Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year

Well folks- Happy New Year!! 2007 Here we come :) I have decided this year that I am not making any resolutions. I know what I have to do in order to accomplish any goal I set for myself. Instead I am just going to appreciate everything that I have in the world a little bit more than I have. I have had my first major experience with loss and I am still dealing with that. It does get easier, but I will never ever truly be the same. I am going to hug and kiss my family 1000 times more and make sure to make every day count. Hopefully my effort will show and the people that I love so dearly will reap the benefits :)

So Happy New Year once again. I hope everyone had a great start so far!!!