Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attack of the Momma's Girl

Julia was never one for her Mom. She hugs and kisses me all the time, but has always been to busy to be bothered with hanging around me. She is more into her Daddy who is the fun one and takes her to the park everyday to play. The only time she really lets me hold her is when she is sick. Now, I have the complete opposite with Samantha. If I am not within in a 5 foot range she freaks out. I used to be able to drop them both off at the gym babysitting place and they would be fine. Now Samantha cries the minute we walk into gym and grips my shirt. Right now she is standing up, latched to the side of my leg as I am typing. Soon she will start to give an ear piercing scream until I pick her up. Maybe I should ask my SIL to knit me a sling or back pack thing that I can just carry her around in. 22 lbs. is not fun to walk up and down stairs with. Helps that she is cute though :)