Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Like a Moth to a Flame

I knew the minute I walked in, I was in trouble. I had not been to it in more than a month. I was trying to be good and knowing that this place was the root of my bad habit (that and Old Navy) I should of stayed away. The red and white bulls eyes are intoxicating. They scream- come over here and buy me! I would be so okay if this place didn't sell clothes, shoes, or purses. Yet I always manage to buy something for me or the girls that we don't need. I even walked the big loop in the store, knowing that was what always gets me in trouble. I am like a crack addict- I need my fix!! You all know the place- Target. What is it about it? What makes me want to go there?? Is it the smell of just popped popcorn mixed with signs that say take "Take an additional 30% off"? And to think I was being soooo good!!! The hubby even commented on how I had not been to there and how good I was doing. Well my Target sobriety was over as of yesterday. I have fallen off the wagon and will have to attend my local TA (Target Anonymous) meetings once again. Just wait till Easter and then summertime! What will I do then??