Monday, January 31, 2005

Mom's Night Out

What do you get when you combine 5 moms with toddlers, a bowling alley, and 5 pitchers of beer?? A really bad hangover the next day :) Saturday was the monthly moms night out and usually we just go to dinner, but this time we decided to go bowling. There must have been something in the air that night because we got crazy. I think at one point there was shopping cart races in the grocery store parking lot next door. We talked about everything and I feel as if I know these women on an entirely different level. It was so much fun, but I am sure next month we will be back to going out to dinner and home at a decent hour :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Aren't I Too Old??

This morning I woke up and as I was passing the mirror in the bathroom on my way to go pee (I am only saying that because I know you all do it) I noticed that I had three huge zits on my chin. WTF? Aren't I too old for that? I mean one here and there is expected, but three right there where everyone can see them. I felt like I was 16 again searching through my peach Caboodle for my Jane make up stick to cover them up. And to make matters worse Julia said to me "Mommy you have a big boo-boo on your chin" Kids- they can be too smart for their own good :)

It made me think though that there are still things that make me self conscious like they did when I was a teenager. I still cover my mouth when I laugh because I had braces when I was 15 and was always afraid there was stuff in my teeth. Is there anything that you still do that you did as a teenager?

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 27, 2005

I am in Love

Is it okay to love your new blog design so much you want to marry it? Well that is how I feel! I am in love! Thanks so much to Ro and Ciao My Bella for putting up with me and coming up with this design. I recommend her highly :)

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Potty Mouth Update

Today as I was washing the dishes in the sink instead of actually emptying the dishwasher and putting them in there (duh!) I dropped a dish and said "S%#$". Julia, who was eating her snack at the counter said "Don't ever say that word Mommy. It is not pretty". It made me so happy that she actually listened to something I said, but then made me realize that I need clean up my potty mouth. So I guess I need to work on making "fudge!" and "shoot!" work in certain situations :)

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. Thanks for reading


Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I've got nothing to talk about today. My kid is not sick, there has been no drama in this house, and the husband even cooked dinner last night (yes I was shocked I tell you.) So lets hear from you today. I want to know your favorites:
  1. Movie
  2. Song
  3. Book

So don't be shy- let's hear it. I will even start it off for you :)

My Favorites

  1. "When Harry Met Sally"
  2. " In the Groove" by Madonna
  3. "Circle of Friends" by Mauve Binchey

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Panty Head

At least she is using them for something.

Little Black Dress

I have this dress in my closet that I bought for my honeymoon. Now that was almost 5 years ago and I have never worn it. It is super simple, but it is too cute. This morning I thought "What the hell" and tried it on. It fit!!! I wanted to run outside and knock on the doors of my neighbors and show them. Of course I don't know any of my neighbors so I am sure they would have thought I was a tad bit strange. I am just happy to know that I have a cute dress to wear if we ever go anywhere. Maybe I need to make a date with the husband?

Jon is building in Julia's closet today so we can make room in her little bedroom. The thing about track homes is that you get this great large downstairs, but they make the bedrooms so small. As she is getting older she will need a desk or something so I wanted to be able to put all of her clothes in her closet. Lowes has the whole kit you can buy and it was not even that expensive. I have not heard bad words coming from her room yet so I am assuming all is going well in there.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!


PS Go check out Genuine's photo challenge. Now if I could just find my pictures from college :)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lesson Learned

Don't buy Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste in Cinnamon Rush flavor. Not only does it burn the skin on the outside or you mouth, but this morning I discovered if you accidentally flick your toothbrush while the paste is on there and a big blob goes in your eye that burns like hell. Just thought I would give a little warning :)

My kid wore underwear all day today with no accidents and she even put herself on the potty. I am sure the mom readers out there will understand how big of a deal this is. I am very happy today. Now if I could just get her to do it everyday :)

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Do you Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?

I feel a little embarrassed about what I am going to tell the blog world. I had a feeling it would happen sooner or later, but now I have not clue what to do. Yesterday afternoon as I was carrying a 30 lbs. child up the stairs for her nap, I dropped my water bottle and saw it roll down the stairs. Before I could get out my words of reaction Julia says " F#$%ing water bottle." I almost dropped her as my soul was crushed into million pieces. Granted she has said the s-word before and I have had laid the law down on that one, but the f-word!!! I also know that it is a normal thing for kids to use words they don't know, but the f-word!!!! I feel like so ashamed since I am sure she has heard me use that word before. I am hanging my head in shame right now as we speak. What do I do if it happens again? Do I pull out the soap and put it in her mouth? Do I pretend she didn't say it so she doesn't get a reaction? Help! I am so afraid my little darling has a sailor mouth!

What am I going to yell at slow drivers now??

Thanks for reading :)

-Amanda (bad mommy)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Computer Hell

For those who love your computer you will understand that a day without it is like a day without sunshine. We caught a virus in this house thanks to the hubby downloading free software (well that is what he told me) and it caused havoc on our system. Luckily after hours of reinstalling EVERYTHING we are up and running today. But believe me it was like we lost our will to live because of it. I totally sulked all day and probably asked 50 times "Can I use it now?" I could not live without checking my blogroll or comments on my last post. I could not stand that there was unopened email just sitting there waiting for me. It was driving me crazy. So now that the computer is working and I able to do all the above I realized that maybe this is my first inclination that I am on my way to becoming a Blog Whore. To which makes me very happy and I have all of you to thank :)

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, January 16, 2005


I have been reading "Mommy Matters" for a couple of months now and Christine is awesome. She turned 30 today and lately she has making lists about things that she was thankful for and things she still wanted to do with her life. So I decided that I would make my own list and I ask you to share you thoughts as well. This list is 10 things that make me smile :)

  1. When I see an older couple cruising in their 1950's car that they have taken so well care of. Too me that is everlasting love and devotion- for the couple and the car.
  2. When Julia sings- she gets really into it sometimes and closes her eyes. Super cute
  3. When I follow a recipe to a "t" and it comes out looking like the picture and tastes awesome.
  4. When I get my hair done and it looks cute for about 2 days.
  5. When there is one last clean coffee cup and my husband leaves it for me and has to wash another one BY HAND for his coffee.
  6. When I find a piece of clothing I forgot I had and it fits!
  7. When Julia wakes up from a nap and wants me to hold her a little while.
  8. When I get an email from a friend I have not heard from in a while.
  9. When my best friend Summer calls just to tell me she found a song from high school on Itunes.
  10. When my husband comes home and says "Let's get take out tonight"- I love that!!
So lets hear it- What makes you smile :) Thanks for reading.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Having a Girl

When I was younger my hair used to be down to my butt and my mom would braid it almost everyday like Laura Ingles on "Little House on the Prairie." I am sure she did it out of convenience since I have pretty thick hair and it must of been a mess if it was not put up. I don't really remember if I used to fight when she had to brush all the tangles and such out in order to braid it. All I know is I have a pretty hard head now and you could pull my hair hard and it wouldn't hurt (freak of nature I am sure). Now that I have a daughter who's head of hair is getting longer and longer, I feel that brushing it and putting it into some style must be torture for her. She runs away if she sees the brush! I have tried everything to get the tangles out and I still have to pull in order to do so. It just seems that having a girl is a lot harder as she gets older. My friends who have boys just put them in jeans and a t-shirt and they are on their way. Now that my daughter is turning 3 she is getting an opinion about what she wears and it take her 15 min to pick it out. Oh I can't wait to see how she is as a teenager when she has "nothing to wear."

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading :)


PS I promise there was a point to this story somewhere in there :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Counting Sheep Sucks!

So last night was another night of me not sleeping. It is like I can not turn off. My button must be broken. I don't think that there is anything bothering me, but maybe in my sub consciences there is? No clue. All I know is that I need some sleep. Any suggestions? I have tried the whole Tylenol PM thing and it helps for a few nights, but then stops. I need like a mantra that I chant before I go to bed-"I will fall asleep and stay that way" 100 times in a row. Oh yeah before I forget- Thank You Starbucks for your "Breakfast Blend" coffee. I would not be able to make it through the day with out you.

Other than my insomnia things are pretty much back to normal here. The rain finally stopped and it starting to dry up outside. Julia woke up from her nap yesterday and said "Mommy let's go" and I said "Go where?". She replied "Out of here." Funny how kids even know when too much inside time is enough! So it was nice to get outside yesterday. I am just glad she is well enough to enjoy it.

I hope the weather is treating everyone out there good. Thanks for reading :)


Monday, January 10, 2005

Oh So Cute!!

I have not put any pics of my darling little niece Isabella in a long time, so I just had to post this one. Isn't she the cutest? Looks like her Mommy :)


All Good

It is funny when your kid is sick they are also mellow. So I am having a good day watching movies and playing with the kid. I am so thankful for a day like this. So I am in a better mood. Thank you so much for bearing with my rough week. I love having my blog buddies :)

Hope everyone is having a good day. Thanks for reading!


Sunday, January 09, 2005

All Was Nice Until...

Okay I am now officially sick of my kid being sick!!!! I am tired of funding the couch medicine industry. I am tired of the doctor's office knowing me by my first name or saying "Oh Hi Amanda, what is wrong with Julia today?" I am tired of the Walgreen's pharmacy saying "Oh Hi Amanda, what can I fill for Julia today?" I am just tired!

Yesterday we wake up in the morning and Julia had a little cough. No big deal I think, she coughs all the time. By 3 pm her cough had turned into a full blown nose, cough and throat thing. To make matters worst, this green sticky stuff was coming out of her eyes. Now I am okay with snot and boogers, but green stuff coming out of your eyes- so gross!!! So the doctor says we have to go to Urgent Care. So we get in the car, in the pouring rain, and wait 1 1/2 hours to see a doctor who says she has a upper respiratory infection that is coming out of her eyes! Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!! Then he tells us we have to give her eye drops twice a day for 5 days. Has anyone ever given a 2 year old eye drops?? Well it is not a pleasant experience. Well she slept good and didn't wake up with too much stuff in her eyes, but then I look at my husband and he has the same thing!! I have now disinfected the whole house, washed every sheet and towel in the place, and I am sitting in a plastic bubble till this goes away.

So that is how my weekend is going. Seems like I have had a bad week. I promise to be more postitve when the plague has left my house. I hope all of you are having a great weekend. Thanks for reading!!


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Better Day

As a punishment for being a terror yesterday, I took Julia's most prized possession away- her apple juice. Instead she got only water for the rest of the day. You would of thought I ran over the cat. She cried about it like 3 times before I put her to bed and even woke up in the middle of the night crying about it. She did receive some this morning after she said "Mommy I love you more than apple juice" How could I could I resist??

Did anyone watch Amber Fry on Oprah yesterday? Did anyone think that Oprah did most of the talking and Amber seemed to not know her own story too well? It could have been nerves, but it just seemed odd to me that Oprah was filling in all the blanks. Interesting stuff though.

Hope everyone day is going good. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Working Late

Why is it when the Hubby is working late my child picks that day to 1) Not take any kind of nap 2) Have a fit over a having a hot dog at Target 3) Cry and scream the whole ride home from Target for no reason?? This is the first time today I have sat down for any period of time. I praise all mothers who husbands are in the military or work far from home. I am also going to give a shout out to all single mothers because I have no clue how they do it. Can you tell that I am done today?? Luckily no nap means early bedtime so that is a good thing :)

I hope everybody had a better day! Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rant for the Day

Alright folks, here is my rant for the day. The Hubby and I were laying in bed last night watching TV and of course there was nothing on. We have satellite so you would think with 50,000 channels there would be something! (you may have thought that was my rant, but it wasn't) So anyway, I am flipping channels and I turn it on FOX and there was an actual show called "Who's Your Daddy" where a woman wins $100,000 if she can pick her birth father out from a group of men. WTF?? Are you kidding me?? Is this what Reality TV has come to? Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Reality TV, but come on now. Next thing you know there will be show called "Be my Babies Father" where women pick men to sleep with and get pregnant (hmmm, no stealing I might have to call FOX with that one) I guess it just proves that people will do anything for money or fame. Just kinda sad though.

Okay I am done. Thanks for reading :)


Monday, January 03, 2005

Rain, Rain Go Away

So it has been raining tons since early this morning and I am so done with it. It has been raining here all last week and supposed to continue this week! Ugh- make it stop! My kid needs to see the outside for a change and I need to put make up on and get out too. I did manage to take Julia to the Ear, Nose and Throat doc today and she doesn't need tubes in her ears which is great news! I also thought the doctor was awesome so it made me feel better about seeing her in the future. But other than that we have done nothing. And doing nothing makes me want to eat! I have been bad this weekend so I am trying to get back on track. Damn Corona Beer! Damn Rubio's Fish Tacos!!

Well I hope you all had a great New Years. Thanks for reading!


PS God I am really boring!