Friday, January 14, 2005

Having a Girl

When I was younger my hair used to be down to my butt and my mom would braid it almost everyday like Laura Ingles on "Little House on the Prairie." I am sure she did it out of convenience since I have pretty thick hair and it must of been a mess if it was not put up. I don't really remember if I used to fight when she had to brush all the tangles and such out in order to braid it. All I know is I have a pretty hard head now and you could pull my hair hard and it wouldn't hurt (freak of nature I am sure). Now that I have a daughter who's head of hair is getting longer and longer, I feel that brushing it and putting it into some style must be torture for her. She runs away if she sees the brush! I have tried everything to get the tangles out and I still have to pull in order to do so. It just seems that having a girl is a lot harder as she gets older. My friends who have boys just put them in jeans and a t-shirt and they are on their way. Now that my daughter is turning 3 she is getting an opinion about what she wears and it take her 15 min to pick it out. Oh I can't wait to see how she is as a teenager when she has "nothing to wear."

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading :)


PS I promise there was a point to this story somewhere in there :)