Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Computer Hell

For those who love your computer you will understand that a day without it is like a day without sunshine. We caught a virus in this house thanks to the hubby downloading free software (well that is what he told me) and it caused havoc on our system. Luckily after hours of reinstalling EVERYTHING we are up and running today. But believe me it was like we lost our will to live because of it. I totally sulked all day and probably asked 50 times "Can I use it now?" I could not live without checking my blogroll or comments on my last post. I could not stand that there was unopened email just sitting there waiting for me. It was driving me crazy. So now that the computer is working and I able to do all the above I realized that maybe this is my first inclination that I am on my way to becoming a Blog Whore. To which makes me very happy and I have all of you to thank :)

Thanks for reading!