Monday, July 10, 2006

Seriously Now

This morning I heard the local weather man say "It will be 102 in the valleys today. Hey at least that is better than 106 like yesterday." I sat and pondered that thought for a little bit. Is there really a difference? Will people be like "Wow it is ONLY 102 today. Feels not so hot as yesterday. Maybe I won't sit in my air conditioned house where it is 78 degrees and go run a couple of miles." I am sorry but when the weather is anything over 95 my thought is- IT IS TOO FREAKING HOT!! And four degrees really makes no difference- you can still fry an egg on the blacktop :)


Okay so I have lived out here for 4 years and I still not used to the heat. I have kids you see and I will pay the $250 it takes to make my house nice and cool. And yes. I will admit sometimes it is like 75 degrees in my house. Hey I am from the coast- I need to be cold!!