Saturday, July 15, 2006

4 Months

Oh little Samantha, you turned 4 months yesterday and I was a terrible mommy. I decided to whine in complain in a post than write about sweet little you. I can not believe that you are already 4 months old. Where did my baby go? You have learned so many things and I look at you everyday and see you change just a little bit. Your laugh makes the whole house laugh and we've noticed that sometimes the simplest things bring out your belly laughter.

You roll now all over the place and you even get up on your arms like you want to crawl. I can not leave you anywhere in fear of you ending up somewhere else in seconds. Yesterday I found you underneath the Pack-n-Play. We think you are going to have strawberry-blonde hair and for sure it will be curly. Everytime someone sees you they comment on your curly hair. Can't wait to comb that when you are older (Not!) We love you very much and are so happy to have you. Thank you for filling our hearts with more love :)