Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crisis Adverted

Tonight we decided to venture out and take the kiddlings to dinner. We have never done dinner before with the both of them, so we thought we would give it a shot. We went to our favorite local restaurant knowing Julia would actually consume food (that is a task all in it's self) and it is also kid-friendly. During the meal, Samantha gazed up at me with her big beautiful blue eyes and looked very content. About 5 minutes later, a look of panic came across her face. I thought "Oh boy, here is when I good idea goes bad." I picked her up from her car seat and noticed a smell that was not our food. I looked at Jon, grabbed the car keys, and went to go change her diaper. When I finally laid her down to undo her onesie, there was poop all up her back and down the side of one leg. I grabbed the diaper bag and pulled out a diaper (check), wipes (check), and extra outfit (check). I proceed to clean her all up, get her dressed, clean my hands, throw away the diaper, and be back in time to finish my dinner. I sat at the table and beamed! Jon asked me why I was happy after having to do that and I said "because I actually did not freak out." I was prepared and ready for action! It felt good! I think I have the hang of this two kid thing- finally :)