Thursday, May 22, 2008


YES I am one of the 3 people in American that didn't watch American Idol at all this season. In fact I think that I haven't watched it since the first time. It is my belief that is should be like Miss. America and only come once a year that way we don't get sick and tired of it. That is my feeling about all other reality shows too, expect for "The Hills"- can't get enough of those girls!

It hailed and is thundering at my house as we speak. Cool huh? Maybe. Except it is a Stay at Home Mom's worst nightmare. There is only so much coloring, playdo, and "Hannah Montana" I can take!

So my cousin called off her wedding. And the best part it was at her actual bridal shower. I will not go into details (if you want that them you can email me) but we will just say that I am so happy that she realized what kind of a situation she was getting herself in. So hey if anyone needs a HUGE bridesmaid dress let me know.

My child can read! I am so impressed. It actually kinda freaks me out because it means she is not going to be my baby anymore. More grey hairs to come for me. Oh well I like getting my hair done anyway.

ADDICTED to Scrabble on Facebook. If you have one let me know and we can play. I suck at it, but I figured its good for my brain.

Ok that should be enough for now. I am getting better at updating I think. Now if only I had something cool and nifty to write about :)