Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Don't Tell the Hubby

How to spend $100.00 at Old Navy in less than 15 min. Buy this, this, this, 2 of these, and this. When I was growing up my Mom and I would go shopping and when she bought too much she would take the tags off and throw them in the clean laundry hamper. Knowing my Dad he would have never looked in the laundry hamper (or any where you had to clean stuff) so she would just fold the new clothes as if they were clean laundry. Good trick- right?? I don't do that I swear. I am more of a "Honey I bought some stuff today, is that okay?" as I am wearing a piece of lingerie. No I am soooo kidding! It would probably work though :) I just let him know ahead of time my intentions of spending. He is really good about saying yes :)

Got any good tricks that I can use though??

Thanks for reading!