Monday, May 02, 2005

I Have a Problem

We got our cell phone bill this weekend. Now I have adjusted our minutes and all the stuff several times to accommodate what we use, but I went over my minutes last month. They charged us $.25 a minute!!! So the total for my phone was $93.00 in over minutes. I was so mad! I read my bill to see what the heck I was doing and there were only 4 numbers on there that I called repeatedly. I realized that I talking to the same people I talk to at home all the time.
My Husband-we talk so many times a day that I sometimes I tell him to stop calling :)
My friend Leila- we talk about 4 times a day so why do I need to call her while I am out and about?
My friend Robin- I see her almost every day so why do I need to call her everytime I am in the car?
My best friend Summer- Granted she lives 4 hours away, but does she need to know I am in Target buying toilet paper??

So I am admitting my problem of being a phone whore. I need help! I will be in so much trouble if I go over my minutes next month!

Do you talk on the phone a lot?

Thanks for reading!