Monday, May 23, 2005

Is the Cart Half Empty or Half Full?

Well I ended up going to the grocery store this morning and spending $200. What in the hell did I buy? I would expect my cart to be out of control full, but it was not. Being on a diet is expensive and I am a sucker for anything "New and Improved". Plus having a child who is a semi-picky eater does not help. I should buy stock in chicken nuggets and hot dogs. When I was at the check out, the clerk said to me "Do you have any coupons?" and I said "No". ( I am not very good at the whole clipping coupon thing) She then said "Well with a bill that high you should start." Was that a weird thing to say? Is that any of her business? I mean I am spending money in your store which then pays your paycheck. If she was trying to be helpful and suggest that I could save more money then she could have said it a better way. Just kinda rubbed me the wrong way is all- would you have been?

Have a great Monday!