Thursday, September 23, 2004

The House of Sick

So it is official- Julia is sick! Oh why, Oh why does this always happen to my kid! I just wish that we could go at least 6 months with no sickness in this house. Now I am afraid Jon or I will get sick and that will just make it worse! Oh well, I will deal and she will get better. I am sure there will be a beer or two in my future!

My 10 year high school reunion was last weekend and I did not go. To be honest, there is no one from high school that I would want to have any kind of contact with. Besides, I keep in touch with those who I have stayed friends with and none of them were going. I did get my memory book in the mail today and it was interesting to see what everybody was doing. There seems to be a lot of people who are attorneys now. You see I went to a very up scale high school where kids got BMWs for their 16th birthdays and they all lived in huge houses. I was not one of those (I did have a car though) kids so it just seems fitting that some of them chose professions that would make them a lot of money and they can be jerks doing it :) I shouldn't judge, but some of those people have secrets and I know them. My bio in the book is says I am a Homemaker- not a lot of money in it and I can be a jerk sometimes, but I find it a lot more fulfilling than any job I could have. It was nice though to see the people I did have a connection with were doing well.

Alright I am done ranting for the day. Hope you all are having a great Thursday. Thanks for reading!