Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back to Normal

Well my friend Summer left today and now I am trying to get things back on track. Julia has not taken a proper nap in the last three days, so right this minute she is crying in her bed and saying "No nap Mommy!". I am just hoping I can have some time to myself so that I can do my wifely duties I have been neglecting.

I had a blast this past week. We were out of town this weekend and that was fun! I got to see my SIL all pregnant and she looked awesome! Pregnancy agrees with her! Then we found out that my other SIL who is 5 months pregnant is having boy. It will be the first boy grandchild in our family. So that was pretty cool. Then Monday Summer came to visit and have been doing nothing but shopping and playing with our kids. I am sad that she is gone! I have known her for almost 20 years and we have been friends for 13 of that. It is funny how we have changed into adults and mothers. We have a crazy past together and I am glad we can still share our lives today.

Alright I am done being corny :) I hope everyone is having a good week! Thanks for reading!


PS 5 more days till Preschool!! Yippee!