Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Out of It

I am so out of it today! I am forgetting things and my mind is wondering into space! Maybe I am getting sick with a cold or something? Of course that is the last thing I need. Julia has one now and when her and I are sick at the same time it sucks! I don't get to call in my boss and take a sick day! Well anyway, Julia slept so bad last night because she could not breathe. There is only so much cold medicine I am willing to give to her. Tonight though I might break out the Robatusin w/ codeine that the doctor gave me when she had an ear infection. Hopefully that will make her sleep better. I might just take some too :) (not really, but the thought of passing out the whole night sounds nice!)

I did manage to take the kid to the Wild Animal Park today with my best friend Summer. It was so sad though because she fell asleep on the tram ride for about 30 min. and just kinda chilled out in her stroller the rest of the time. I wasn't going to go, but I thought she might want to get out of the house. Right now though she is on hour #2 of her nap! Poor girl!!

Well that is my story for the day. Hope you are all having a good one. Thanks for reading!


PS- Where is everybody lately?? Is Blogger not working???