Friday, September 24, 2004

Hot Doc

Well I had to take Julia to the doctor this morning and ends up she has strep throat. Where in the hell did she get that?? Hopefully she is not playing the kissing game with any of the boys at preschool! She has been really good though, just tired and a little cranky, but who can blame her?

Julia's doctor is a total hottie. My friend and I call him "Hot Doc" because he really is!! When he talks to me I get all flustered and I am sure I am blushing. For example:

Hot Doc: So, is she eating or drinking anything?
Me: What? You know you have great hair.
Hot Doc: Thanks. Want to run away together??

Of course that is how it happens in my mind. But today I was having a hard time because right before he walked in, Julia coughed so bad that she threw up all over me, so I wasn't in the mood to be witty or anything. And besides I have no idea how flirt anymore and if I did I should be using it on my husband. I can day dream though right??

Tomorrow though I am taking a mommy break and going shopping. Jon said that he wanted to have a day with Julia and I was "Hey you don't have to tell me twice" I can not wait to buy jeans and some warm stuff. Maybe I can tell mother nature that it is time for it to be cold instead of 92 like it was today!

Well I think I have said enough! I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.