Monday, September 06, 2004

I am Getting Old??

Since there has been nothing to do around here besides house work (Yuck!) I have been subjecting myself to the TV. It is also 101 today so we don't leave the house for fear of melting. Anyway, MTV had a marathon of "The Real World- San Diego" and I ended up watching it. I am sorry, but I think I am getting old or the cast of that show is getting younger. All they do is drink and have sex! Then I think "Oh yeah I used to do the same thing.", but that seems like a million years ago. Now I am a mom, housewife, and can't even drink one beer without getting tipsy. It just made me realize that I am officially an adult and I must embrace that! It also made me realize that I have no idea what music is all about these days. I need to get with it :)

On another note, Julia did finally go pee in the potty. I thought I was going to cry! I am just hoping that school will help in the potty training department. OH GOD I hope!!! School starts tomorrow too and she is so excited. I have been hyping it up for the last week so lets hope it lives up to all the talk. I am excited too because that means I can finally get my eyebrows waxed because I will have some time!!

Well I hope everyone is having a great holiday! Thanks for reading!