Sunday, August 08, 2004

Some info

I got this little quiz from Amanda (which she got from someone else.) I thought it was a cute way to give out some info about me :) Thanks Amanda!

First best friend: Anne Tenwick
First date: Jon Gill when I was 15. Went to see Aladdin- kissed the whole time, so I didn't see the movie :)
First break: Jon Gill- told him in a note
First self purchased album: Bobby Brown- My Provocative. Heyit was cool once :)
My First funeral: My grandpa's when I was 17
First pets: Cat named Herbie
First piercing/tattoo: Pierced ears at 10. Tattoo at 18
First enemy: Allison Bird. Dated my boyfriend in high school before me. Hated her!

Current best friend: Summer Gardner
Current status: Married
Current song: "All star" By Smashmouth. I have been watching way too much "Shrek"
Current thoughts: Can I go to bed?
Current emotions: Happy
Current wonder: Am I going to make it till 9 pm to watch "Six Feet Under"?
Current instrument: none
Current need: Sleep

Last cigarette: Last night. I know I am bad :(
Last kiss: Today
Last good cry: My birthday- long story!
Last movie seen : "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
Last beverage: Diet Coke
Last food consumed: Chicken fried rice
Last phone call: To my friend Erin
Last tv show watched: "Barefoot Contessa"
Last shoes: My black flip flops
Last item bought: Baby shower gifts for Gabs
Last annoyance: My kid feeding our cat hotdogs soaked in apple juice. The future chef that she is :)
Last disappointment: My couch was not coming till Monday
Last ice cream: Butter pecan custard
Last time wanting: to go to Hawaii
Last shirt worn: My brown tank top
Last website: Miss Amanda's!