Thursday, August 05, 2004

I am Big Girl Now!

AW it brings tears to my eyes, but my little baby girl is now a big girl! I just started to notice it in the last week or so. I had bought her a Disney Princess purse with fake make up in thinking that she would just play with it and move on like all her other toys. No such luck- the purse must come with us every where! She also puts on the fake makeup when we are going out, just like I would. She also "cooks" in her little kitchen and serves the food complete with utensils and a drink. And to top it off, we have purchased a "Big Girl" bed. It will not come till next week, but I am sure I will be sad when Jon takes down the crib. Both of us actually got all sad lying in bed last night talking about it. I know that I have talked about wanting her to be bigger, but when it starts to happen, it is such a change. Soon she will be going to school, getting a car, going on dates, and going to college! I must mentally prepare for all of that :)

I went to Cost Co yesterday and spent out life savings! Not really, but it always feels that way when I leave. I did get a booster seat for the plane when we go to the Bay area at the end of the month. It is so light weight and it was $25.00- I thought that was a pretty good deal. I also got a whole bunch of crap I didn't need, yet had to have :) They hubby was happy though with is big can of mixed nuts. See if I get him something that he likes the buying the rest of it is okay. Just a little trick I learned :)

Well gang- I hope you all have a great Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner :)

Thanks for reading!