Saturday, August 21, 2004

Oh Yes it's Ladies Night...

Last night was Mom's night out for my weekly playgroup. We do this sort of thing once a month and we always have so much fun! Well anyway, last night we went to Pechanga Casino- which is a Indian reservation out here. I swear we were transported to Las Vegas. One of the moms in the group just turned 21 (yes I said 21- she also has 2 children!) so we thought we would get her liquored up a bit for her birthday. Not only did she get drunk, but she also won like $75! None of us were that lucky- my machine said "Thanks for your money. Now go away!" I did manage to come home with $20 because my conscious got to me and told me not to waste my money. We had fun and I can not wait to take the hubby there.

Today we are going to Sea World with some of my family. My uncle works for Gerber and got some free tickets so they invited us. I don't think we would normally go, but hey it's free! It will be interesting to see if Julia takes to it. My mom is also going so we will have an extra set of hands and it will also let Jon and I go on some rides or something. Let's just hope Julia is my sweet angel when we are there :)

Well I hope everyone has a great Saturday and weekend! Thanks for reading!