Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Must go outside...

I am sitting here singing the "Dora the Explorer" theme song! That is when you know:

  1. Your kid watches way too much TV
  2. You watch way too much TV
  3. You need to go play outside
  4. Oprah is calling you to come and watch her show instead of "Blue's Clues"

It is so gorgeous here today! Julia and I had swim class and now I am looking outside at the park and thinking that we should go and play! It is very hot here in the summer, but this week it has been high 70's with a nice breeze. It is park weather! So I am going to be a good mom and take the kid outside!

So on my sis in-laws blogger she mentioned that she was going to make homemade twinkes for her husbands b-day dessert. I was so excited that you can actually buy the molds and the filling from Williams- Sonoma and make them yourself. Chocolate ones at that! I will let you know how she said they turned out! If they are good, I will be purchasing my own set!

Well I hope you all have a great Tuesday- Thanks for reading!