Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just me and the Kid

Today I decided to take Julia on a little adventure. It was hot here AGAIN today so we went to the coast. I was going to just hang out at the beach, but then I passed the Legoland sign and decided to go there instead. We had a blast! She sat really good in the stroller from ride to ride. They also have this huge play area for the little kids and she just ran around the whole time. It was nice break from the heat and it was nice to spend time with her (especially when she was well behaved)

On the way home I stopped at the drive thru Starbucks by the freeway, where I discovered my new favorite drink. The Blended Strawberry Creme- HELLO- so good! I am sure it has 100,000 calories, but I thought I would treat myself. I am sure it is a summer drink, so if you have yet to try one go soon or it will be gone :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed now that Julia will be good for the rest of the evening. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!