Monday, August 16, 2004

Diapers Suck!

I am getting serious today about the whole potty training thing. I must for my own sanity! If I change another diaper I am likely to lose it! So I am hoping some of you can help- what can I do to make this easier on Julia and myself? I kinda have an idea where to start, but I am not sure. Ideas and stories on how you did it or what you have heard from others would be greatly appreciated :)

This weekend was a good one. My in-laws came on Saturday and it was great. Julia just loves them so much and I love that she does. It makes my day when she does her little show off moves for them. She dances, sings, or just shows off toys for them when they are here. Very cute and extremely funny! I did get my break- thank god! My friend Leila and I went to Thai food for lunch (yellow curry- my favorite) and then we went and got the pedicure of a lifetime! It too like an hour and half, but it was wonderful. I would put a picture of what my toes look like since they are so cute with little flowers and such, but feet pics are gross! Not something to view on a blog, unless that is your sort of thing (wink, wink) Then I came home and we barbecued some steaks- yummy! So that was my weekend, noting too exciting!

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and can deal with Monday!

Thanks for reading!


PS Man that was a boring post :)