Monday, August 23, 2004

It Could Only Happen to Me

Today Julia and I went to the park with a couple of my friends and their kids. It is so nice out here today (I probably just jinxed myself) that I wanted to get her outside in the fresh air. I had never been to the park where we went, but it was really nice. Well to make a long story short- I had told Julia to stay away from a mud hole that was in the grass beside the playground. Well I decided to turn my head for two seconds (shame on me!) and she was sitting in it. She was covered from head to toe in stinky swam mud! Of course this is the day that I had not brought a change of clothes, but I managed to clean her off in the drinking fountain and change her diaper and such. You would think my kid was a boy! Or that dirt just loves her because she is dirty all the time! I don't mind if she is going to be a tom-boy, but I hate when I buy cute, nice clothes and they just get ruined. Anyway, she took a bubble bath when we got home and now all is good :)

I read on Yahoo that the Japanese have invented a Fat-Busting Microwave. Hey if it works-sign me up! What will the world think of next? Maybe someday we will have robots like Rosie on "The Jetsons" I alwayes loved on Jane could change her hair and her make-up by just putting her head into a machine. Anything to make it easier to be pretty :)

Well I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for reading!