Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Not a Whole Lot

Typical Tuesday over here. Went to a play date, Julia had a breakdown in the car because I didn't have any juice, cleaned the dishwasher out, folded laundry. That is about it so far. Awe the joys of being a stay at home mom. Doing everything for everybody with nothing in return. Nah, I don't really feel that way, but sometimes I wish that the house would magically clean it's self and my kid would be good all the time. I can always dream- right??

I signed up the kiddo for part time preschool yesterday. I think she is going to love it and hopefully thrive there. She will have 3 friends in her class, which I think will make the adjustment a little easier. She needs other interaction than just me most of the time. Just makes me a little sad- she is growing up so fast :)

Hopefully your Tuesday is more exciting than mine. Thanks for reading!