Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yesterday was just plain shitty (yes I am going to use that word) It was one of those days that you wanted to curl up into a ball and forget it ever happened. And guess why it was bad?? My sweet adorable child is why. I just don't know what is wrong lately, but it seems like aliens have replaced my child with a little devil. We had playgroup at someone's house yesterday because it was raining. For the 1 1/2 hours we were there Julia tore down the netting that goes over her friend's bed, broke a baby highchair by trying to sit in it, and messed up this little girl's room. I was so embarrassed because it seemed like every 5 minutes I was getting up to tell her not to do something. So when we came home I made her go to her room and she fell asleep. I thought order would be restored after that, but 45 min later when she woke up (I hate short naps) she was at it again. Throwing tantrums, screaming, throwing stuff. I actually cried!! I hate doing that because then I am declaring defeat, but it was all I could do. After a couple hours she was better, but by that time I was done! You know I thought 2's were kinda bad, but nothing compared to this. I want my child back!

Sorry for the long winded whiner post. Today has started off a lot better and so I am hoping for a good day.

Thanks for reading!