Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yep That is My Kid

Yesterday afternoon, Jon and I took Julia to the local library to get her passport. We are going to Mexico this summer and it is just easier if she has one. Anyway, I have only taken Julia to the library once (yes I know bad mom) when she was little and she just didn't get it. So when we went yesterday we had to tell her that she had to whisper and there was no running wild through out the place. I took her to the children's section so that she could pick out some books while Jon waited for them to call our name for her passport. We found books and I left Julia with Jon while I went to check them out. I am standing in line and I hear Julia scream "Mommy I farted!" at the top of her lungs. So I pretend to look around wondering who this child's mommy is, yet I am sure everyone knew that it was me. I take full responsibility for teaching my child to announce when she has gas. It is funny though, I tell her how to spell her name, how to count on her hands, and yet she remembers the bad stuff. Maybe I should teach how to count her toots so she will learn that way??

Thanks for reading!