Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Houses and Toddlers- What a Post!

Well yesterday after many phone calls filled with "what ifs" we decided to back out on the house we bought. It came down to do we like having money or do we want to live in a big house with no money. We had stars in our eyes that day when we bought the house and then reality struck. And to tell you the truth I feel like a weight has been lifted. I had knots in my stomach the last couple of days and my head has been full of doubts. It is funny, but Jon was going through the same thing, yet we didn't tell each other because we were afraid to let the house go. But now it is all good and we will focus on the improvements we wanted to make to the house we live in. To which I am very excited :)

In other news, my eBay auction for my child will be starting soon. Please tell me that things get a little better when she turns 3. It is like she has developed this little sassy attitude and she will not listen at all. I dread taking her places because half the time I will chasing after her or telling her over and over again not to touch something. I am trying to be a good mommy on this one and just be patient and clam, but sometimes I am ready to get in the car and drive away. Maybe this she is just getting the last of the 2's out and she will be my sweet little girl once again. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Well that is my post for the day. Thanks for reading!