Tuesday, March 08, 2005


So I am going to admit on my blog right now that I have a small obsession with two TV shows. Now these are TV shows from the past and they have recently been airing reruns on the SOAP Network. I TiVo them everyday and watch them when my kid takes a nap (me time) The first show is "Melrose Place". I watched all 10 seasons of that show when it first aired and now I am watching them all over again. I love the short skirts and the 90's music they play. I just wish Heather Locklear would pull a brush through her hair once and a while- such a rat's nest. The other show is "Beverly Hills 90210". Now I totally watched that show till it died. I had a wall in my bedroom that I took every picture I could find of the cast and taped it up there. It was totally covered till my mom said it looked tacky, then it was half covered. I was a "90210" freak! So yes I was a dork in case you were wondering :)

Among the pictures on the wall was a poster of Luke Perry. God he was so hot!!! I had a huge crush on him. Now that I am rewatching the episodes I realized that I still had a crush on him! Yes another reason why I am a dork. So I was wondering since I admitted my crush and TINY obsession with Luke Perry- who did you or who do you still have a crush on?

Thanks for reading!