Thursday, March 17, 2005


I thought I would use those little bullet things for some of my random thoughts and observations. I guess that is a way of telling you that I really have nothing exciting to post today.

  • I am LOVING Chai tea lattes from Starbucks. My MIL turned me on to them and now I want one everyday.
  • Why is that Starbucks in my Vons Supermarket that I shop at, in the same shopping center, and in the Albertson's across the street??
  • Robert Blake is not guilty? That is a big shocker to me
  • I am not wearing green today since I forgot
  • My friend Robin just got a Honda Odyssey mini van and I have never been a mini van lover, but it is too cool. The seats are heated for god sakes!
  • Getting my hair colored on Sunday and let me tell you I need it!!!
  • I am a total sucker for new items at the grocery store. I want to try Coke w/ lime- anyone try it yet? Was it good?
  • I want to go to In-n-Out, but then I would be in big trouble with the diet police.
  • Hey don't you think I could make big bucks actually being the diet police? I could follow you around and make sure that you don't drive to Krispy Kremes after your workout.
  • Alright I am done with these bullets :)

Thanks for reading :)