Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What a Good Wife I am... Well today that is

So we are going to paint our entire downstairs this weekend and I was kinda bored today so I taped all the trim and doors. I also cleaned out all of our kitchen cabinets and wiped down the counter tops. When Jon (the hubby) came home he was beside himself! So as a reward he took Julia out for a while so I could have "me" time. I love "me" time- I can watch the food channel uninterrupted! Oh the little things in life that can make one happy :)

What is up with Blogger lately too? It has taken me like six times to get on today! Must be all those people who have decided to share their lives through the computer. I love it! I like to read blogs and find out what is happening. I have also meant so many great people too!

Well I am off to see if Tyler's Ultimate is on. He is so cute and he cooks- I just love that in a man :)

Thanks for reading!