Wednesday, July 07, 2004

It is hot today!!!

I had my weekly playgroup today and it was so hot we all left after an hour. The funny thing is that is not sunny outside- just hot and sticky, which I think is worse! Also Julia is insisting on wearing her "Dora the Explorer" nightgown today, so she looks very special. I guess this when it starts- they have a mind of their own. I can not wait till she wants to wear her bathing suit to the store or her clothes don't match when she goes to school! So funny!

We got all of our paint for the downstairs. We are painting a sage green color. I just hope that I like it and it is a good color for the whole entire downstairs. We will see I guess. I will take pics and try to post them so you can see what I am talking about!

I don't know if I have ever talked about my job, but I have one that allows me to work from home. I do research for Tony Robbins for the book he is writing. I don't work directly with him, but a girl who is his research assistant. She is so awesome and I love the things that she asks me find out about. I feel like I am learning new stuff all the time. For example, today I had to find out the amount of murders in NYC for a typical year. Weird stuff like that. I love to do it because I am able to use my head for adult things for a change. Also it does not take away from my time with Julia because I do it when she naps. I also think that I have a college degree why not use it for a change :)

Well I hope everyone had a great day!

Thanks for reading!