Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wanna Be Domestic Goddess

I had some friends and their children over today and I made the all time best white trash lunch ever-Kraft mac and cheese. Oh you can not get enough of powdered cheese and noodles! Anyway, it got me thinking- There should be a show on the Food Network that basically teaches how to cook with a budget and things that are fast and easy. It would be the poor man's Martha Stewart! Although if I could I would do things her way (entertaing wise, not business wise)

We bought a new couch over the weekend for my formal living room we are re-doing. I got some chairs and this couch has kinda a Bali vibe to it. So we decided that is the theme of the room. Now only if I can go to Bali and see it for myself :)

I hope everyone has a groovy Thursday!

Thanks for reading!