Monday, July 05, 2004

Lowes- What a place!

So we made a trip to Lowes today and spent more money of course. We got a screen door which I am excited about. Where I live it gets to be about 100-110 during the summer and I hate running the air conditioning all day long. The screen door will make a nice air flow in the mornings and evenings. I can hear my husband cursing down stairs, so I think it was a bitch to put in! I also got some new light fixtures for my kitchen light and dining room light. I can not wait till those are up. I hope it will give our track home some much needed character!

Our 4th was great- BBQ, friends, and fireworks! Super mellow, just the way I like it! I would like every holiday to consist of BBQ chicken and paper plates. Would make it so much easier :) I hope everyone had a good time yesterday!

Well that is all for now- Have a good Monday :)

Thanks for reading!